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One of the most popular activities in Second Life® is keeping, caring for, and breeding pets. is the caring for, feeding and breeding of virtual animals in Second Life. Over the years these animals have developed and a whole community of breeders and traders has emerged. Some players become so good at breeding animals that they are able to earn linden dollar profits from the buying and selling of them.

Breedable pets are very popular in Second Life®. There are breedable horses.

Do you love fish in real life? Now you can enjoy having fish in Second Life® too thanks to Second Pets™!

Second Pets™ has Koi and Clownfish. More species will be released soon.

SecondPets™ Fish are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

red blue yellow fish - koi

Second Pets™ introductory Koi are now available in world in the Second Pets™ Store and on the SecondLife® Marketplace!

The first fish released are in ten different packages each containing one male koi egg and one female koi egg in common colors with common eyes. Fish with common characteristics can breed fish with rarer characteristics.

The introductory packages also contain one Second Pets™ Fish Tank including rocks and plants to decorate the tank as you choose.

Also included is Second Pets™ Fish Food to feed the two fish for 2 weeks after you hatch them.

Everything you need to start your virtual aquarium is included.

The introductory fish are Koi in Blue, Green, Orange, Red colors. Additional colors and eyes will be available soon. The introductory fish swim only in their tank. Fish will swim in Linden Water soon.

More breedable species will be introduced in the future.

All introductory fish will be eligible for free upgrade. Upgrades of Second Pets™ fish, tanks, and accessories will always be free. Fish and tank upgraders are available in world at the Second Pets™ Store and on the SecondLife® Marketplace!

Second Pets™ collects and stores the uuid of evrey fish or egg and its charactaristics and last known location along with it's owner's legacy name and uuid. Storing this information enables Second Pets™ to replace lost or damaged fish and eggs and to verify an egg or fish's authenticity and ownership. If you do not consent to this policy you will not be able to use Second Pets™ products.

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