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Second Pets™ Getting Started With Your Fishes

See Second Pets™ Terms of Use (notecard) for information Second Pets™ collects and stores.

For help join the Second Pets Owners group. If you need to contact Second Pets™ send a notecard to SecondPets Resident. IMs get capped and lost.

To join the Second Pets Owners group copy and past this URL into your Nearby Chat Window in your Second Life® Viewer and click it: secondlife:///app/group/92f9ad48-ef6a-5473-1f72-0e574e02d5f8/about target="_blank"

Caution: do not open fish bags containing fishes or eggs, or take fishes or eggs into inventory, this will kill your fish or egg. Do not edit or open fishes or eggs and do not take them into inventory. To safely transfer fishes or eggs or take them into inventory bag them in a Second Pets™ Fish Bag first. Second Pets™ Fish Bags are available free at the store.

1. Unpack Your Kit

Your Second Pets™ starter kit contains:

2. Set Up Your Tank

CAUTION: Tank name cannot be set with Edit, use [rename] on the tank dialog.

Rez your fish tank in Edit mode and position it before putting fish in the tank. The tank and decorations are a coalesced object in inventory so you want to rez it in Edit mode so you can move the tank and decorations together.

After you rez your tank reset the tank from the Tank Dialog before you put fish in it. The tank must be entirely in one sim and should be a minimum of 2 meters from a sim border.

To reset your tank click the tank and choose [reset] from the tank dialog.

Any time a tank is moved it should be reset. Moving a tank with fish in it will confuse them and they may get lost. To safely move a tank bag the fish and eggs in the tank (see Bagging Fish below), move the tank then put the fish and eggs back in the tank.

CAUTION: Tanks cannot be placed across a sim boundary.

If you need to move a tank, bag the fishes amd eggs before moving the tank.

If you move the tank with Edit without taking it into inventory you must reset it from the main menu after you move it.

Your Second Pets™ Fish Tank conrols your fish and egg. You don't have to click on the egg or fish to get it's dialog (menu).

Click the tank to bring up the tank dialog. See the tank notecard for details on all the options.

3. Taking Care of Your Fish

Fishes and eggs should only be removed from their tank or water by putting them in a bag. Bags are available free at the Second Pets™ store.

Do not take fishes or eggs into inventory unless they are in a bag. If you rez a fish or egg from inventory it will die.

Do not modify the contents of a bag or the fish or egg will die.

4. Unbagging

Place the bag containing the fish or egg close to the tank (but not inside the tank) you want the fish or egg to live in.

Click the bag and choose [fish to tank] or [egg to tank].

Bags can be reused and are available free at the Second Pets™ store.

5. Feeding Your Second Pets™ Fish

Fish need to eat every hour. Fish will send you a dialog message if they can't find food. If you're not online when a fish can't find food it will wait until you're online to send you a message.

Rez one or more containers of Second Pets™ Fish food near the tank.

Fish need to eat once per hour. After 72 hours without food fish will get sick. Sick fish will recover when fed. No healing potion is needed.

6. Bagging

Place an empty bag close to the tank containing the fish or egg you want to bag. Choose the fish or egg to bag from the tank select fish dialog.

If a fish or egg is outside the tank you can bag it by placing a bag near it and clicking the egg or fish and choosing [bag...] from the menu.

7. Hatching Eggs

If the egg you want to hatch is in a bag put the egg in a tank (see Unbagging).

Choose the egg you want to hatch in the tank select fish dialog.

Choose hatch in the tank fish selected dialog.

8. Breeding

Male and female fish in the same tank can breed.

You can control breeding by disabling or enabling breeding from the tank menu page 2.

9. Selecting a Fish or Egg

Click the tank to bring up the tank dialog. Click [select fish] to bring up the select fish dialog. Choose the fish you want and click it's button to get to the fish selected dialog.

If you have trouble finding the fish you want in the select fish dialogs click [list fish] on the tank dialog. The list of fish has a number for each fish corresponding to the number each fish has in the select fish dialog.

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