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Second Pets™ Breedable Pet Fish Bag

Fish or eggs must be put in bags when removed from the tank or water. Bags are available at no cost at the SecondPets™ Store and on the SL Marketplace.

The fish bag menus are different depending on if the bag is empty or contains an egg or a fish.

Fish Bag Menu for an Empty Bag

Fish Bag
	Menu Empty Bag

[help] Brings up the help menu, link to the website and landmakr to the store.

[exit] Exits the menu.

Fish Bag Menu for a Bag Containing a Fish or an Egg

Fish Bag

[text on/off] Turns the bag's floating text on or off.

[characteristic] Displays the fish's or egg's characteristics and uuid in local chat.

[help] Brings up the help menu.

[exit] Exits the menu.

If an egg which has started hatching is bagged it will stop hatching. The egg may be hatched when it is returned to the tank or water.

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This page updated June 21, 2018.