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How Often Do Fish Eat?

Fish need eat every hour when they are in a tank or in water. Eggs do not need to eat. Bagged eggs and fish, rezzed or in inventory, do not need to eat.

Fish and eggs do not age when bagged, rezzed or in inventory.

Fish normally eat 1 serving of food every hour. A package of food contains 750 servings or 31 days.

If fish don't eat for one or more hours they will eat more than 1 serving at each hourly feeding until they have caught up for the missed feedings.

Fish will eat food owned by their owner or in the same group as the fish.

If your fish cannot find food they will pop up a dialog box when they get hungry. If you are offline they will wait until you are online.

After 72 hours without food fish will get sick and turn green or get a rash of black spots (RGB Fish).

Sick fish will recover with food. They will eat more than one serving per hour until they are healthy again.

Feeding Your Fish

Rez food near your fish tank. Food must be in the same region as the fish. One package of fish food will feed one fish for 31 days.

Food turns yellow when less than 15% remains and turns red when less than 5% remains. Food deletes itself when it is empty.

hungry fish dialog

You can rez more than one food near a tank. Fish will not eat any more if there is more than one package of food available. If you can't log on for awhile be sure your fish have enough food.

Clicking the food package brings up the food menu.

Food Menu

food menu

[text on/off] Turns the floating text over the food on and off. The floating text reports servings and percentage of food remaining.

[set-access] Goes to the set access menu (not available before version 1.1.0).

[help] Connects to the manual website or gives a landmark to the store.

[exit] Exits the dialog.

Set Access Menu

food set
	     access menu

[owner] Set access to owner.
Only fish with the same owner as the food can eat from it. All foods are owner access when rezzed.

[group] Set access to group.
Only fish in the same group as the food can eat from it.

[all] Set access to all.
All fish can eat from the food.

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