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Second Pets™ Breedable Pet Fish Selected Menu

Fish Selected Menu for a fish

If you have selected a fish you will have these options:

[fish text
		on/off] Turns the floating text for the fish on or off.

[swim] Tells this fish to swim.

[rest] Tells this fist to rest.

[characteristics] Displays the egg's characteristics and uuid as an instant message.

[rename] You can give your fish names. Do not change the fish's name in the viewer's Edit, change names using the menus.

Fish names may not contain ";", ":", or "|" characters and may not be longer than 32 characters.

If you use non-latin characters in a fish's name it will appear as “???????????????” in the Object Name. Non-latin character names will still work correctly except for the Object Name. This is a limitation of Second Life®.

[bag fish] Put the selected fish in a bag if an empty bag is close enough to be found. Bagged fish can be taken into inventory or sold to another avatar.

[update] Updates the fish if an updater is close enough to the tank to be found.

[recover] Teleports the selected fish back to the center of the tank if possible.

[fish heaven] Sends an unwanted fish to fish heaven. Fish sent to fish heaven cannot be resurrected.

[▲ up] Go back to the Main Tank Menu.

[exit] Exit menus.

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