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Second Pets™ Breedable Pet Fish Updater

To update your fish rez a SecondPets™ Fish Updater close to your fish tank. Fish Updater must be in the same region as the tank. If fish cannot find an updater they'll send a dialog. An updater can update an unlimited number of fish. Updaters are available free at the SecondPets™ Store and on the Second Life® Marketplace.

Update All Fish

All fish in a tank can be updated to a more recent version with one command. Select [update fish] from Tank Menu Main Menu 2. Update Fish will only update your fish to a more recent version. If you need to go back to a previous version or the same version you must update each fish individually from the Fish Selected Menu.

Update Fish Individually

To update one fish choose [select fish] From the Fish Tank Main Menu 1. Select the fish you want to update and click [update].

To keep track of which fish you have updated, turn on floating text on all the fish in the tank using [all fish text on/off] on the tank main menu. The updated fish won't have the floating text on so you can see which fish you have updated.

fish updater menu

[help] Get this notecard or load the web help page.

[reset] Reset the updater. you should not need to reset the updater under normal conditions.

[exit] Exit the fish updater dialog.

update all failed

if update all fails:
reset updater
reset tank
try again

If you are updating both a tank and the fish in it update the fish before updating the tank.

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