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Second Pets™ Breedable Pet Fish Terms of Use

This agreement specifies the conditions under which you may buy, use, and resell Second Pets™ products.

By purchasing and using Second Pets™ products you agree to abide by our Terms of Use (this page), Linden Labs Terms of Service, and Linden Lab's policy for intellectual property for Second Life®.

Second Pets™ retains owenership of all copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights of the products they sell. Second Pets™ warrants that all it's products are created by Second Pets™ or licensed from their creators for inclusion with Second Pets™ products.

Second Pets™ fish and accessories are protected by international copyright law. You may not copy any of Second Pets products, advertising, or graphics.

Second Pets™ collects and stores the uuid of evrey fish or egg and its charactaristics and last known location along with it's owner's legacy name and uuid. Storing this information enables Second Pets™ to replace lost or damaged fish and eggs and to verify an egg or fish's authenticity and ownership. If you do not consent to this policy you will not be able to use Second Pets™ products.

The CasperVend System and Second Life® Marketplace keep records of all purchases.

Second Pets™ reserves the right to make changes to its products or discontinue its products at any time without notice or compensation.

Tampering with or editing Second Pets™ products will break or delete them. Products that have been tampered with will not be replaced.

Second Pets™ has the ability to disable fish that have been tampered with and will use it to prevent cournterfitting.

Second Pets™ cannot promise that it's products and services are bug free or that it's products and service will always be available. Second Pets™ does promise to use it's best efforts to correct any bugs and provide updates at no cost to all users.

The continued operation of Second Pets™ products depends upon the continued operation of Second Life®. Linden Labs has make no commitment to continue to operate Second Life®.

You may sell or give away fish or eggs you own or have bred. Food or tanks may be sold or given away.

When buying Second Pets fish from other owners be sure the fish bag was made by SecondPets Resident and is no no copy, modify, transfer. Second Pets cannot be responsible for counterfit fish or eggs but will make all reasonable efforts to prevent them.

Photography and Machinima are encouraged on Second Pets™ land. Please credit Second Pets™ and give a landmark when publishing your photograpy or machinima.

SecondPets™ and Second Pets™ are trademarks of SecondPets Resident.

Second Life® and the inSL™ logo are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. Second Pets™ is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

©2018 Second Pets™

This page updated June 29, 2018